The Student Formula succinctly offers strategies and suggestions to combat indecisiveness, build self-esteem, and introduce life/survival skills.”

Renee Graham, Co-Director Essex County Provisional Teacher Training Program – Montclair, NJ

“Moving! The Student Formula is a step by step guide to winning our children back. It provides many tools needed for inner-city students to become successful.”

Deana Williams & Meca Anderson, Counselors at Sarah Zumwalt Middle School, Dallas, TX

The Student Formula, is the blueprint of The Champion Mentoring Curriculum which lays out a  winning game plan for students to excel in inner-city classrooms.  

The curriculum is designed to provide techniques that will help educators narrow the achievement gap. This educational tool addressees deficits between suburban and inner-city schools.

The curriculum offers strategies for every student to improve their study habits, reading skills, and test scores.  

It also provides an avenue for parents, who always wanted to help their children perform better in school but didn’t know how.  

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